If you are looking to apply to TG-Gaming please be sure to read before submitting your application. Exceptional players are encouraged to apply, regardless of our current recruitment status.

About the guild
TG-Gaming is a guild formed by experienced progression raiders with the goal to provide a competitive and fun atmosphere for everyone.
While our primary goal is “competitive progression”, we also have activities outside of our raid times to avoid raid logging as much as possible. Focusing on our community in our opinion is “key” to provide an environment based on quality, fun and friendship.
Our philosophy is pretty simple: We're growing as a team! We are always trying to make decisions based on what’s the best for our team. Which means, being a good player is as important as is to integrate yourself into the community and to be part of the team.

What is nice to have/bring?
- Logs to backup your performance
- Good knowledge of the English language both spoken and written
- You have a microphone and you are not afraid to talk in raids
- You are a cool guy that fits in our community
- Attendance close to 100%
- Come prepared to raids! Prepare yourself for the fights and read our tactic discussions
- Reading the discord and contributing to discussions should be done daily
- Good internet and PC is a must have
- You are a TEAM player

If you desire a guild that has a no tolerance for undedicated players while still maintaining a strong and huge community, we suggest to apply.

Raid times: On progression we are raiding 7 days. From 19:30-00:00/00:30

Battle for Azeroth character Requirements: 3 fully maintained characters.

How to Apply:
If you have any specific questions or just want to have a chat with us before you apply, message us ingame.
“Rocky#2569” or contact us via mail

Application form:

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